Right Weight mechanical scale key features

A. Easy to read dial face allows for accurate weight reading.

B. Axle weights are displayed in actual kg (NOT psi).

C. Patented on the face calibration ensures custom pinpoint accuracy.

310 Gauge Face Showing in kg

exterior mounted scales

item number


For tandem axle, single height control valve axle groups. Included the push pull valve.





310 Series key features

A. Dual stainless steel draw latches for a weather-tight seal.

B. Durable lock hole for additional security if desired.

C. Push-Pull valve to release the pressure from the gauge when it’s not in use.

D. Custom copolymer box designed for durability and flexibility, protecting the scale in every weather condition.



The Right Weigh line of exterior scales is one of the most popular choices for the trucking industry today. Our exterior scales offer affordable and reliable on-the-ground axle weight measurement with clear analog readings and easy-to-use features. They are simple to install, easy to calibrate and they stay calibrated.

Right Weigh's exterior load scales are protected by a custom, impact resistant, all-weather enclosure. Created with relentless weather and road conditions in mind, our standard box is made of impact-modified polycarbonate to ensure protection even in severe conditions.

For tandem axle, single height control valve axle groups. Included the push pull valve.

For large air bag suspensions.

For tri-axle, single height control valve axle groups. One touch 3 way valve.

For tri-axle, single height control valve axle groups. One touch 3 way valve.

For large air bag suspensions.

Common axle group applications for model

310-25kg (underlined in red)

tandem axle group 310 series

tri axle group 310 series

Common axle group applications for model

310-30 (underlined in red)

air bag sizes

Typical Air Suspension

Regular Size Air Bags

Large Size Air Bags


The size of the air bag on the axle group being monitored. When ordering the 310 series scales, air bags with a diameter of 350mm or larger are considered “large.”

exterior box dimensions
exterior box dimensions

Air bag sizes: Check for ordering the 310 series

Common axle group applications for model

310-30 (underlined in red)

single axle group 310 series

How does this system get installed? Watch video below.


For single axle, single height control valve axle groups. Included the push pull valve.

Dual height control valve scales also available

Please note: Specifications, options and availability subject to change without prior notice


Typical damage to “competitor” units. Don’t confuse Right Weigh with other units on the market.

Right Weigh scales weighs in kg not PSI for super accurate and easy reading. Standard protection / lockable case with built in push / pull valve to prevent gauges exploding or becoming unreadable by shutting off air supply automatically when the case is closed.

Unreadable gauge due to lack of protection from aftermarket enclosure. Wire used to hold gauge in place. Operator needs to remember to shut off air valve. Weight shown in PSI so operator will need to convert to kg.

Operator did not shut off air when driving causing this gauge to blow up. Air supply valve is still in the down position.

Gauge is completely unreadable due to no outer protection - this is how most gauges are supplied as standard. Operator can now only guess his limits. Operator needs to remember to shut off air valve manually to prevent gauge from exploding. Weight shown in PSI so operator will still need to convert to kg.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that provide the greatest value!

Onboard Load Scales for Air Suspension Trucks and Trailers.



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Right Weigh Load Scales. Accurate, reliable and easy to use onboard load scales for the trucking industry. Get accurate weights at the loading site, saving drive time, fuel, and operating costs. Analogue gauges and digital indicator options will provide you with the information needed to efficiently and legally load without having to waste time and money to find a weighbridge.