Scale fees.

Cost of fuel due to out-of-route driving.

Lost income due to out-of-route driving.

Cost of overweight tickets / year.

Whether you are an owner-operator or the company buyer for a national fleet, the benefits of investing in a Right Weigh Load Scale are undeniable.

Benefits of an onboard load scale system:

Maximize load capacity.

Significantly reduce dependence on commercial scales, saving time and effort, scale fees, and fuel.

Eliminate costly out-of-route miles wasted trying to find commercial scales.

Avoid waiting in line to re-work loads.

Prevent expensive overweight citations.

Improve driver effectiveness and efficiency.

Increase safety.

Clearly maintain legal weight distribution among each axle group.

Increase driver retention and recruitment.

Strong return on investment (ROI) – substantially improve your bottom line.

Added benefits of a Right Weigh load scale system:

Most Affordable – a fraction of the cost of other onboard scale systems.

More reliable and durable than more expensive systems.

Calibrated accuracy to within 250 lbs (113 kgs) or better.

Reliable calibration (Stays calibrated).

Easy to Install and operate.

Available as an OEM option.

3 year warranty.

Quick ROI.

Product Benefits

Right Weight is the right choice

Most Affordable - Right Weight load scales are a fraction of the cost of other onboard scale systems.

More reliable and durable than other systems -

No malfunction-prone sensors and electronics.

Calibrated accuracy to within 200kg or better.

Reliable calibration (stays calibrated).

Easy to install and operate.

Available as a retofit.

Leading 3-year warranty.

Quick return on investment.

Consider your annual savings

With high fuel prices and increased restrictions on drivers hours, Right Weigh load scales have become the must-have tool to stay competitive in the trucking industry today. Knowing your vehicle is loaded correctly before you leave the load site saves time, fuel, and money; it also eliminates the frustration of check weighing and re-loading.

And now it’s easy to know your loaded weight with our patented analog scales that are uniquely designed with an easy to read dial face that displays your actual on-the-ground weight in kg (not psi). Plus, the offset calibration screw helps pinpoint your weight for customized accuracy within 200kg or better.

So stop wasting time and money - invest a little today, and you’ll save thousands down the road!

Our scales offer Reliable on-the-ground axle weights displayed in actual kg (NOT PSI)

Typical damage that accure to “competitor” units.

Unreadable gauge due to lack of protection from aftermarket enclosure. Wire used to hold gauge in place. Operator needs to remember to shut off air valve. Weight shown in PSI so operator will need to convert to kg.

Operator did not shut off air when driving causing this gauge to blow up. Air supply valve is still in the down position.

Gauge is completely unreadable due to no outer protection - this is how most gauges are supplied as standard. Operator can now only guess his limits. Operator needs to remember to shut off air valve manually to prevent gauge from exploding. Weight shown in PSI so operator will still need to convert to kg.

Right Weigh 310 Series key features. Don’t confuse Right Weigh scales with “other” units.

A. Dual stainless steel draw latches for a weather-tight seal.

B. Durable lock hole for additional security if desired.

C. Push-Pull valve to release the pressure from the gauge when it’s not in use.

D. Custom copolymer box designed for durability and flexibility, protecting the scale in every weather condition. Standard

Please note: Specifications, options and availability subject to change without prior notice

Sometimes it’s the simple things that provide the greatest value!

Onboard Load Scales for Air Suspension Trucks and Trailers. Ideal for fixed back trucks.



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Right Weigh Load Scales. Accurate, reliable and easy to use onboard load scales for the trucking industry. Get accurate weights at the loading site, saving drive time, fuel, and operating costs. Analogue gauges and digital indicator options will provide you with the information needed to efficiently and legally load without having to waste time and money to find a weighbridge.