Our custom designed exterior box is made of impact-modified polypropylene with two stainless steel draw latches. The E-Z Weigh digital scale does not require this mounting box under typical exterior conditions, but it is recommended for use in harsh conditions.

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Right Weigh’s E-Z Weigh digital onboard load scale provides accurate and reliable axle weight measurement of most air-ride tractors or trailers displayed in real weight (kg). Utilizing Right Weigh’s unique design, these exterior gauges allow for a quick and intuitive 2-point calibration, providing accuracy within at least 113 kg or better, with weights showing on an easy-to-read LCD display. This digital line can accommodate most tractor and trailer axle configurations and is intended to withstand typical exterior mounting conditions. An optional mounting kit is available that includes Right Weigh's custom protective box, mounting bracket, and hardware. As with all Right Weigh products, this scale is backed by a 3-year parts warranty. (One unit is required for each axle group being monitored).

exterior box dimensions

E-Z Weigh Digital Scale Calibration

The E-Z Weigh digital scale can be calibrated quickly and easily using both an empty and loaded axle weight from an accurate in-ground scale. Simply enter the empty weight while the vehicle is empty and the loaded weight while the vehicle is load. Once the two calibration points have been entered correctly, the E-Z Weigh digital gauge is ready to use. Detailed instructions are included with the product.


Press and hold either the

“C HIGH” or “C LOW”

button again for 3 seconds

to exit the calibration mode.


Press and hold either the

“C HIGH” or “C LOW”

button for 3 seconds to

enter the calibration mode.


Use the UP and DOWN arrow buttons to enter the in-ground scale weight.

Please note: Specifications, options and availability subject to change without prior notice

Sometimes it’s the simple things that provide the greatest value!

Onboard Load Scales for Air Suspension Trucks and Trailers.

Common axle group applications for model

310-25kg (underlined in red)

tandem axle group 310 series

tri axle group 310 series

Common axle group applications for model

310-30 (underlined in red)

Common axle group applications for model

310-30 (underlined in red)

single axle group 310 series

Right Weigh scales weighs in kg not PSI for super accurate and easy reading. Standard protection / lockable case with built in push / pull valve to prevent gauges exploding or becoming unreadable by shutting off air supply automatically when the case is closed.


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Right Weigh Load Scales. Accurate, reliable and easy to use onboard load scales for the trucking industry. Get accurate weights at the loading site, saving drive time, fuel, and operating costs. Analogue gauges and digital indicator options will provide you with the information needed to efficiently and legally load without having to waste time and money to find a weighbridge.