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How do Right Weigh load scales work?

Right Weigh load scales are designed for use on tractors and trailers that are equipped with air spring suspensions. Our scale systems measure the air pressure in an axle group's suspension system, and converts it into an on-the-ground axle weight. This weight is displayed on our patented analog or digital scales, showing the weight in kg (not PSI), and allowing for calibration for pin-point accuracy.

How accurate are Right Weigh load scales?

The patented design of the Right Weigh load scale enables the user to calibrate it’s reading to a certified commercial scale weight. Once calibrated, the Right Weigh load scale will provide accurate axle weight readings within 250 lbs., if not better.

To obtain the most accurate reading the vehicle should be parked on a level surface with the brakes off. Allow a few seconds for the leveling system to adjust the suspension to the proper ride height.

How do you calibrate a Right Weigh load scale?

We are careful to insure that the calibration process for each Right Weigh scale model is simple and intuitive. This process will differ depending on wheather you are calibrating one of our mechanical scales, or one of our digital scales. Please select the instructions for your model from your instructions manual that is included with the scale:

How often do Right Weigh load scales need to be


Once the Right Weigh load scale is calibrated, it will stay calibrated. However, we suggest that the calibration be checked against a certified scale weight once or twice a year to ensure the air suspension, leveling system, airlines and load scale are all in good working condition.

Re-calibration must be done following any maintenance or repair work on the air suspension, leveling system or airlines. Re-calibration must also be done if the load scale is removed and installed on another tractor or trailer.




Can the trailer axles be monitored from inside the cab?

Yes! Using a standard “quick disconnect” between the tractor and trailer, simply run an airline from one of the air bags in the trailer axle up into the Right Weigh load scale mounted in the dash.

How do temperature and altitude affect the performance of a Right Weigh load scale?

Neither of these conditions have any significant effect on the performance of the Right Weigh load scale. Air spring suspensions operate on air pressure (PSI) to maintain the proper ride height, not on relative air density or volume. Yes, air density can fluctuate as a result of temperature and altitude. However, the suspension system will automatically adjust itself to maintain the proper PSI required to maintain ride height.

What information is needed when purchasing a Right Weigh load scale?

When purchasing a Right Weigh load scale it is important to know the following information about your equipment:

For tractors:

The number of leveling valves on the drive suspension (single or duel leveling valve system). Whether or not the Right Weigh load scale will replace an air suspension PSI gauge currently mounted in the dashboard. Whether or not the tractor has a lift axle.

Choice of bezel color -- black, gold or chrome. Do you carry mostly heavy haul, permit loads?

For trailers:

The type of axle group (tandem or tri-axle). The number of leveling valves on the trailer suspension (single or duel leveling valve system). Are there any lift axles? Do you carry mostly heavy haul, permit loads?

Where can I purchase a Right Weigh load scale?

Right Weigh load scales can be purchased directly from Richter Scale Co agents for Right Weigh

by calling 012 386 2060.


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Right Weigh Load Scales. Accurate, reliable and easy to use onboard load scales for the trucking industry. Get accurate weights at the loading site, saving drive time, fuel, and operating costs. Analogue gauges and digital indicator options will provide you with the information needed to efficiently and legally load without having to waste time and money to find a weighbridge.